idk i looked cute for the blackhawks game last night.
The rare occasion that I’m actually smiling in a picture and I didn’t default to an obnoxious ugly face.
Jenna is too perfect for words.
Alex & Matt from Hands Like Houses :D
I’m a little bit blonde for a little while.
Happy Halloween ;D
Can I just leave this here, because it’s my new favorite picture of all time. 
This is Fatam. He came as a Unicorn, but he gave me his unicorn hat before he left because he loves me, and he’s my favorite person in the world. So i became Unicorn Spidergirl.
Ugh, last night was the best ever. nothing can compare until maybe next year’s party, and that makes me so sad.
what am i doing with my life.
i looked all grungey & weird on Thursday omg
and i’m super pale & tired looking all the time.
instead of m homework, i do this.
So i did this. It’s cute. And my mom likes it and isnt mad so yay.
mah sexy volunteer shirt
Me with Mike from We Are the In Crowd <3
Me with Jenna from Tonight Alive <3 woo i look like crap.
every few months, i try to bring this hairstyle back.
at least in the privacy of my own home.
also p.s. my face is gorgeous